Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Where the fuck is Lawrence Gilliard?

Where the fuck is Wallace?

A love letter to Lawrence Gilliard Jr.

I've just finished watching Season One of The Wire, and I'm distressed. Let me explain. When it comes to watching a TV series, I'm a perrenial late-comer.  Shows have already come and gone and won their awards and accolades before I ever get to them.  Sometimes this works great - it's an excellent screening device to someone with too few hours and too much to see. But the downside is that I'd miss out on all the excitement of a great new show.

And thus it was with The Wire, which I'm just now discovering as it is  currently being aired on HBO's On Demand Series.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Occupy Harvard: Egghead uprising in progress

Harvard’s Lamont Library is Occupied
Feb12 by occupyharvard
Dear friends and community members,
Lamont Café is occupied. We intend for it to remain occupied until Friday at 10p. At a time when the University is restructuring the library, we are working to change what a library is understood to be. Take a break. Think. The New Harvard Library Working Group of Occupy Harvard has opened a persistent community space for critical thought, engaged learning, and insistent action in the Lamont Library Café.